We held our 2021 Network Meeting
To put an end to a 2020 financial year that was special for all of us and to approach the present and the future with the same enthusiasm as always but with more drive than ever, at Logifrio we held our annual 2021 Network Meeting.

In order to comply with all the security measures to ensure a controlled and pleasant environment, still conditioned by Covid-19, we have held our Network meeting on two different dates and environments; on 26 February at our Madrid Headquarters and on 12 March at our Logifrio Granada Branch.

Both meetings served to highlight the most relevant aspects of the closing of 2020, to evaluate the market situation, the challenges of the current context and, above all, how Logifrio can face them. And of course, to convey to our Network the fundamental axes to achieve the objectives of continuous improvement and growth set out in our 2021-2025 Plan.

The importance of all the teams focusing our actions and efforts on supporting and reinforcing the strategic pillars of our organisation was discussed.

Always keeping the customer at the centre of our strategy, at Logifrio we focus the pursuit of Excellence, Growth, Efficiency, Innovation, Talent management and commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility.

The meeting also allowed us to deepen the importance of our projects around technological innovation, quality and processes, and of course, reaffirmed the mission and fundamental commitments of our organisation.

In the words of Rosa Martínez, Network Director: "We must be sensitive to people, society and the environment. In order to strengthen this aspect, we only have to rely on the values that have been guiding the steps of our organisation for years, because only by being guided by them, this sensitivity will flow from each one of us".

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