Service Offering Iberian market leader in distribution of food for consumers, adapting to the constant market changes in collaboration with customers.

Basing our success both in meeting our target, as in that of our professionals (employees and partners) and suppliers.


To exceed the most sophisticated food logistics needs, working with a passion for complexity management.

  • 1. To be specialists in small-volume orders, capable of combining refrigerated, frozen and ambient-temperature products in a single consignment.
  • 2. To "ALWAYS" meet the deadline and temperature conditions agreed with the customer.
  • 3. To ensure that our customers, employees, partners and suppliers feel proud to participate in the quest for EXCELLENCE.

Transportes García Villalobos, S.A., under the trade name GyV, began its activity in 1980 in Barcelona in the conventional goods transportation market. It was a decade in which the firm underwent continual growth.

In 1992 GyV decided to make the leap to cold storage logistics. This new direction for the business meant that significant investments had to be made in acquiring new refrigeration facilities and a transportation fleet suitable for cold storage.

In 1997 the first nationwide agreements materialised, expanding the geographical scope of the service which until then was limited to Catalonia.

In 1999 the firm increased its presence in the domestic market by opening its own branches in Valencia, Alicante and Bilbao.

In 2002 GyV created the Logifrio brand, the trade name that it has operated under since then. The change only affected the company's commercial image.

In 2004 new premises were opened in Sant Esteve Sesrovires and they are now GyV's Central Services headquarters.

In 2005 GyV opened up to Europe by launching its international activity and agreements were reached with 10 European companies to offer services in 15 countries.

In 2007 GyV began operating on its own, independently from the Logifrio group, and launched an ambitious expansion project to become the leading cold storage logistics firm in Spain. 

At the end of the year, the García Villalobos family reached an agreement with the Nazca investment fund, through which Nazca was incorporated into GyV's capital in order to acquire Plataforma Frigorífica. This meant that GyV could cover 80 % of Spain with its own branches.

In 2008 the acquired companies were integrated and operations were resumed under the Logifrio brand. The resulting group has a turnover of more than 60 million euros, employs over 500 people and has over 400 vehicles.

In October 2009, Transportes García Villalobos SA took over Plataforma Frigorífica SL.