Expansion of our facilities in Benavente
In addition to investing in technology and innovation, at Logifrio we are working on sizing and improving our infrastructure to be able to face the challenges of future growth with warranties.

An example of these improvements in our Centres, just two years after the expansion of our branch in Barcelona we have a new investment of €4.4 million, is also the surface increase of the facilities at Logifrio Zamora facilities in Benavente.

The work, which aims to increase the storage and cross docking area by some 3,000m3, also includes expanding the management capacities with four new docks, significantly improving the efficiency of coordination for the Logifrio Network.

The investment, around €500,000, will bring the total area of the facility to 1,500 m2.

As Elena Pascual, Operations Director of Logifrio Zamora, points out: "...the Benavente facility, a strategic point for our operations, ensures that it is adequately sized to meet the volume growth forecast in the Logifrio Network's strategic plan for the coming years, which with this and other actions should enable the group to reach 90 million euros in revenue this year...".

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