Logifrio, as a leading operator in logistics services at controlled temperatures in Spain and Portugal, reinforces the wish to reduce the carbon footprint and within the framework of the commitment recently acquired in the Lean Program to achieve the objectives defined at the Climate Summit in Paris (COP21) of carbon neutral emissions for the year 2050, we have achieved recognition for the commitment demonstrated by obtaining the LEAN & GREEN AWARD.

For this we have drawn up an Action Plan with the intention of achieving a 20% reduction in 2023 of greenhouse gas emissions derived from the supply chain and thus collaborating to achieve the decarbonisation of logistics. An external accredited auditing company has been in charge of validating the Action Plan objectively and independently.

The main lines of action drawn up for the establishment of policies that result in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are mainly through the implementation of renewable energies, introducing more efficient technologies in our warehouses and reducing the consumption of resources as well as minimizing waste. generated. All these actions are included in our Plan, which is regularly audited to ensure the achievement of the objectives.

At Logifrio we are aware that we do not have a Planet B and that sustainability is one of the vectors that directs the future of the company.

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