Part Loads

Logifrio has made a firm commitment to specialising its services. The company's ability to manage part loads is one of its main identifying features. Specialisation in small and/or complex orders not only adds value to the Logifrio services but also places the company in an advantageous position in the logistics operator market.

As far as part load services are concerned, Logifrio offers the following goods distribution options:

  • Collection requests via e-mail (contacto@logifrio.com), website or telephone (902 43 42 41).
  • Door-to-door parcel delivery locally, regionally, nationally or within the European Union.
  • Reverse logistics for managing returns and rejections.
  • Control and recovery of packaging and pallets.
  • Payment 48 hours after receipt of refunds.

Full Loads

We provide a fully personalised service. Depending on the particular requirements of your business and the type of deliveries, we design the various services:

  • Special deliveries under budget.
  • Logistics outsourcing (staff and/or vehicles).
  • Door-to-door loading and delivery of large consignments.
Availability of vehicles all year round (payload capacity of 1,000 to 22,000 kg).